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Why choose us?

Our mediators are multidisciplined - with training and experience in law, social sciences and dispute resolution. Their primary professional focus is mediation - and their experience and expertise means your case is more likely to settle by mutual agreement.

We keep our overheads low so we can provide an affordable service. Legal practitioners play an important role in advising and representing those with legal issues. However, many people who have a dispute are unable or unwilling to meet the costs of a private lawyer. This is where we can help. 

How much does it cost?

Schedule of Fees

Please click below for our schedule of fees.

Unless otherwise agreed, fees are shared equally between the parties.

Please note: the extent and complexity of disputes vary. This affects the length of time recommended for a mediation. In some cases more than one mediation can be beneficial. Prior to undertaking work we will confirm our fees in writing. The length of time set for a mediation will be agreed with you in advance.


We follow public health advice in relation to Covid-19 to ensure our services are safe. We typically conduct our mediation services via video conference. We have found Microsoft Teams and Zoom user friendly, practical and effective for mediation sessions. 



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