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Fixed Pricing - and No Surprises

Workplace, Family and Civil disputes

$150 Per party. Inc GST


$150 fixed fee

Confidential one on one session

Document perusal

Collaborative preparation for mediation

60 – 90 minute session

To proceed with mediation both parties must engage in the pre-mediation process. If legally represented a brief may substitute for a one on one session

$550 Per party. Inc GST


$550 fixed fee

Up to 3 hours of mediation

Includes set up, venue and preparation

Participate with or without lawyer

If the mediator concludes that mediation is unsuitable the mediation fee will be refunded.

Facilitation under the National Redress Scheme

Please call Mark on 0409 232 010 to discuss fees for professional facilitation of the Direct Personal Response process.


Thank You.

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