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Our Services

Workspace Mediation

Workspace Mediation

Businesses and workplaces are subject to constant change.


Technological change, the drive for greater productivity, and an increase in employee participation in decision making have contributed to a rise in workplace conflict.


Unresolved conflict in the workplace is often reported to have a high cost, not only at a personal level for those individuals affected, but to the organisation as an economic and cultural entity. This can show up on absenteeism, high staff turnover, loss of productivity, injuries, accidents and litigation.


Facilitated discussions and mediations are an affordable, confidential and effective means of improving the quality of workplace relationships. A professional, independent mediator can help diffuse tensions and support the participants to find a practical solution.


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Facilitation under the National Redress Scheme

National Redress Scheme

This facilitation service is offered to institutions which have joined the National Redress Scheme and choose to engage an independent facilitator for a direct personal response.

A direct personal response (DPR) is one of three components of redress under the National Redress Scheme – that is, a financial payment, access to counselling and a direct personal response.

DPR provides an opportunity for a sexual abuse survivor to receive an apology from the institution for the harm they experienced as a child. It can also include a description of what the institution has done to stop abuse from reoccurring.

Mark Dickinson is our facilitator under the Redress Scheme and is a member of the state government’s panel of facilitators under the National Redress Scheme. He has undertaken extensive and specific training to facilitate DPR.

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Civil Mediation

Civil Mediation

We help people find solutions to civil legal disputes quickly and collaboratively. Civil disputes include a variety of legal matters including, contractual, building and wills and estate disputes.

We offer an alternative to the traditional court based and lawyer driven approach. At Remediation, we specialise in working with people with relational legal disputes. These are disputes where there are advantages in preserving or improving a relationship between the participants.

Mediation is recommended prior to filing court proceedings and is a practical way of finding a solution to the legal problem whilst limiting legal costs and the risks of escalating conflict.


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Family Dispute Resolution

Our accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners (FDRPs) are experienced family lawyers. Before court, parties should attempt Family Dispute Resolution (FDR). Our FDRPs can issue section 60I certificates if court is appropriate. We mediate parenting and financial settlement disputes.

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