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Mediation is a practical, private and judgment free way to resolve legal disputes. We'll help you to avoid a drawn out and costly court case - to move forward and to get on with your life or business. We are multidisciplined with qualifications and experience in mediation, law and the social sciences. You can expect expertise at an affordable price. We offer a national online mediation service and face to face mediations in Hobart, Tasmania. 


We offer mediation in:

  • Civil disputes including:

    • Debts

    • Contracts

    • Commercial

    • Fencing


  • The Workplace. Conflict can have a major impact on productivity and culture. Our mediators help staff work through their differences constructively.


  • Family Dispute Resolution. Our accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners (FDRPs) are experienced family lawyers. Before court, parties should attempt Family Dispute Resolution (FDR). Our FDRPs can issue section 60I certificates if court is appropriate. We mediate parenting and financial settlement disputes.


The Process


Our process is flexible to meet your needs and involves:

  • Pre-mediation stage: which includes reading documents and a confidential meeting with you – and your lawyer if represented. In some cases the mediator may read documents prepared by you or your lawyer in lieu of the meeting.


  • Mediation stage: this is where the parties involved in the dispute and the mediator meet to engage with the issues and work towards a mutual agreement. Generally a minimum of 3 hours is required for a mediation. For more complex disputes a day may be set aside. Some clients benefit from more than one session. The length of the session will be discussed with you during the pre-mediation stage. 


Sessions may be face to face, online or by telephone. We take your privacy seriously and ensure the process is confidential. Federal and state legislation protect the confidential communications of mediation. Where an agreement is reached we can assist with drafting that agreement.

Dispute Resolution Center | Tasmania

Mark Dickinson

Mark has over 25 years experience as a dispute resolution practitioner. He brings to practice expertise from the disciplines of law, mediation and the social sciences. This multidisciplinary approach means he understands both the legal context to the dispute as well as the personal or relational factors. He knows how to facilitate difficult conversations and guide participants to workable solutions. 

Mediation has been his primary professional focus since 2011. With 15 years prior experience as a lawyer and 10 years as a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, he has the experience to mediate matters including civil, family and workplace disputes.


Mark has been a panel mediator with the Magistrates Court of Tasmania since 2016 conducting civil conciliations.

He hold degrees in Arts and Laws (1995), a Master of Dispute Resolution (Hons) (2010), a Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution (2012) and a Bachelor of Arts with Professional Honours – Human Services Practice (2017). Mark gained national mediation accreditation in 2011 and became an accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner in 2012. He is a graduate of the Tasmanian Leaders Program (2015) and a commonwealth government doctoral scholarship recipient researching family dispute resolution.



We put your interests first by offering a flexible and affordable service conducted by expert practitioners. By keeping overheads low - we keep our fees low - without compromising on quality. Our goal is to work with you to transform the dispute into a lasting agreement.



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